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Rebecca 's books are insightful, uplifting, and helpful resources.
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1) Dance Naked in Your Living Room: Handling Stress & Finding Joy A wonderful little book for anyone with stress in their lives! 120 positive ways to counteract stress. Feel better, get healthier, and find relief!

2) About to Burst: Handling Stress & Ending Violence--A Message for Teens A timely book to help teens find relief from the stress in their lives. Inner stress can build to the breaking point unless kids learn to unwind. This helps prevent destructive outcomes like school shootings, addictions, suicide, hate and aggression, etc.

3) Enlightened Eating: Understanding & Changing Your Relationship With Food In our stressful world, people often turn to food to find relief. This insightful, compassionate book helps people discover inner stress that often erodes their best efforts to be healthy!

4) Finding Body Peace: A Journey of Self-Acceptance A gentle book that delves deep into our culture's thinness obsession that silently eats away self-confidence. In a world that needs all of our creative talents, energy, and optimism, this attitude must shift.

5) Hot Flashes, Chocolate Sauce, & Rippled Thighs: Women's Wisdom, Wellness, & Body Gratitude A delightful exploration of how women can make choices to increase energy and happiness, be grateful for the bodies that carry them through each day, and reinvent themselves as they live longer!



Rebecca Radcliffe is an author known for her compassionate, insightful, and uplifting books on stress, personal growth, wellness, body gratitude, joy, and violence prevention. You can get her books at Amazon.com, by calling or emailing Rebecca directly, or going to Rebecca's website livingtogrow.com.

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