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Professional, Executive, Manager & Employee Talks
With future changes looming, Rebecca inspires professionals, managers, employees, and leaders to think big,"re-vision" the future, cope with stress,
find creative solutions, and cultivate optimism, vitality, and balance.

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Rebecca's Professional Topics Here

Community, Women's & Wellness Talks
Rebecca's delightful topics bring joy, optimism, gratitude, self-acceptance,
vitality, hope, and insight
for red dress, red hat, and pink ribbon celebrations, women's seminars, wellness and health days, mother/daughter talks,
community and book events
, nursing programs, and women's retreats
Women's Topics Here
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University & College Talks
Rebecca brings insightful and powerful talks on stress, body image,
and eating disorders to campuses across the country for
student body talks, wellness/health events, love your body week, and EDAW.
Campus Topics Here
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Teen Stress & School Violence Prevention Talks
With school shootings, suicide, and depression on the rise, kids need the
ability to cope with our stressful world. Based on her book,
Rebecca's talks provide important, practical support, insight, coping skills,
and hope for
student assemblies, parent talks, staff in-service,
community meetings, classroom presentations, and panel discussions

Violence Prevention Topics Here
* Rebecca's Books Here


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About Rebecca Radcliffe
Rebecca Radcliffe is known for insightful, powerfu
l, visionary, and compassionate presentations. Her talks motivate, inspire, intrigue, entertain, and get people thinking.

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