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Teen Stress, Teen Mental Health & School Violence Prevention Programs
In our stressful world, school shootings, teen suicide, and teenage depression shock and grieve us. Rebecca believes kids need hope and the ability to cope. Her powerful talks for kids/teens, teachers, parents, and communities based on her timely book for teens, "About to Burst: Handling Stress & Ending Violence," provide support and insight, teach practical coping skills, help prevent violence, improve lives, and create hope.

About to Burst: Handling Stress & Ending Violence

Swimming in Stress & Kicking Like Crazy!

Ribbons of Hope: Seeking Wisdom, Walking Through Storms

Boys Will Be Boys & Girls Will Be Girls: Understanding Stress Factors From a Developmental Perspective


Call 1-800-470-4769 or email Rebecca for more information at rebecca@rebeccaradcliffe.com!

Rebecca Radcliffe is a national speaker, author, and consultant known for insightful, compassionate talks filled with uplifting and helpful ideas on stress.

A former high school teacher herself, Rebecca's talks bring hopeful, supportive, and motivational energy to student, faculty, administrative, and community events. She helps kids and adults handle stress more constructively to change lives, create hope, and prevent violence.

For more information or to discuss your event, please email at rebecca@rebeccaradcliffe.com or call her at 1-800-470-4769.

Comment from Rebecca:

We all need to take part in helping our teens cope with this stressful world. Sadly, we have all seen how extreme stress can lead to tragic school shootings. It is time to give kids a way to cope with the pressure in their lives.

Rebecca's Speaking CV/Resume


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For more information, visit Rebecca Radcliffe's abouttoburst.com.
Rebecca's Speaking CV/Resume
rebecca@rebeccaradcliffe.com * 1-800-470-4769

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Flower Caption (left):
Just as new life springs even from the floor or a still-warm volcanic crater, there is hope for kids and teens who are living overloaded lives.

This photo was taken by Rebecca on Hawaii's Big Island and appears on the cover of her book, About to Burst: Handling Stress & Ending Violence—A Message for Teens.